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3 Tips to Properly Store a TV

3 Tips to Properly Store a TV

September 24, 2020

Storage units are an effective way of decluttering your home without needing to sell or junk your possessions. You can fit all sorts of things in a storage unit from furniture to clothing to appliances and more. As you might imagine, many people end up storing televisions in storage units, though not all are stored carefully. While you might just want to toss your things in a storage unit and be done with it, keeping your TV functional for when you eventually come back for it is something you won't regret doing. That's why you should pay attention to these three tips to properly protect a TV in storage.

1. Clean Your TV

Before putting your TV into storage, take the time to give it a decent cleaning. Storing a clean TV prevents certain issues like corrosion or mold from taking hold while you're not there to care for it. Just a quick vacuuming to get rid of dust and debris in the crevices, then a wipe down with a cloth should do the trick.

2. Organize and Unplug TV Cords

Your TV no doubt has a variety of cords, plugs and cables that hook into it. When you are preparing to put your TV in storage, make sure these cords are in working order, then unplug, clean, and organize them nicely. Bind them in rubber bands and put a piece of tape on each to label its purpose and placement. Store them in a container nearby the TV so they are easy to find when you need them. All of this effort will facilitate putting your TV back together when you are ready to retrieve it.

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3. Store Your TV Upright

After boxing your TV (preferably in its original box, but any that is large enough with sufficient protection for the screen will do), you'll want to make sure your TV is stored upright. Laying the TV down flat on its back or on the screen can lead to damage from constant contact with the ground or when pressed on by other boxes. Storing your TV upright is how they are meant to be oriented when in use, meaning there's less chance of damage.

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