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6 Things to Do Before Moving Your Things Into a Self-Storage Unit

6 Things to Do Before Moving Your Things Into a Self-Storage Unit

April 04, 2022

Whether you are moving, renovating, or having the need to create extra space in your home, a self-storage facility provides a convenient solution for your needs. However, for your valuable items to remain in excellent condition, you have to prepare and pack them carefully.

Here are essentials when preparing your belongings for storage to keep them flawless.

1. Choose the Right Storage Unit

When storing your things, you should carefully choose a suitable self-storage unit. You can understand everything about storage facilities with our storage unit's resource guide to make the best choice. In addition to that, you should consider:

  • The type of items and available amenities: Different items influence the size and other amenities to look for in a storage facility. When storing a boat, what you'll consider is different from storing your RV or any other belongings. Select a facility with the required features, depending on your belongings.
  • Accessibility: Choosing a facility within your proximity makes moving and accessing your things easier whenever needed.
  • Reputation: You can ask around your local residence for recommendations on the best storage facilities you can use. It is best to store your items with a reputable company like Idaho Storage Connection. This gives you peace of mind and confidence that your assets are in the hands of professionals with a customer-oriented mentality.
  • The amount of space needed: Reliant on the number and size of your items, you should choose a storage facility that can accommodate them. At Idaho Storage Connection, we have units of different sizes to meet any of your storage needs.

2. Ensure That Your Items are Clean

Before moving your items into a storage unit, you want to ensure they're thoroughly cleaned. You can use disinfectants or a vacuum cleaner when cleaning your belongings.

3. Keep an Inventory List of Your Items

First, decide which items you will store and list them. It can be challenging to keep track of all your items without an inventory list. An inventory avoids confusion when picking your items and ensures accountability.

4. Disassemble Large Items

When you have items that you can easily disassemble, like bed frames, bookshelves, take them apart before storing them. This protects their parts and makes it easier for you to fit them in smaller storage space, effectively utilizing the available space, saving more money.

5. Organize Your Items and Label Them Well

Thinking in terms of grouping goes all the way to how you'll organize your items in a storage unit. You should categorize your items based on size and fragility — making it easier to arrange them accordingly and unpack when needed.

Furthermore, you should wrap your fragile items around a bubble wrap or any other cushioning material before placing them in a box. The delicate and seasonal items should be on top, while the heavy and large ones at the bottom.

6. Always Ask for Assistance

Packing and preparing your things before putting them in a self-storage unit is not easy to handle alone. You can use our self-storage resource guide to find practical general self-storage advice to simplify the packing, moving, and storage process.

Work With a Reputable Storage Facility

Are you searching for a reputable self-storage facility? Look no further than Idaho Storage Connection. Our services are available across the Treasure Valley in Eagle, Nampa in Usave and Karcher, and Boise in Franklin, Joplin, and Joplin II. By using our facilities, you'll not only enjoy convenience but also store your belongings in a clean and well-maintained unit at an affordable price.

Call or contact Idaho Storage Connection if you have questions about the amenities of our facilities and how they might benefit you.

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