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Are Storage Units Better Than Storage PODS?

Are Storage Units Better Than Storage PODS?

October 28, 2020

At some point in your life, you may be looking for extra storage for property, whether it be renting while you build a home, or settling the estate of a loved one. You're likely to question whether it makes sense to rent a storage unit or Portable On Demand storage (PODS).

We’ve put together this comparison guide to help you consider why a storage unit is always a great bet. Let’s start with a brief understanding of each storage solution.

What Are Storage Units?

Storage units are located within brick and mortar storage facilities and are available in a variety of options including indoor, outdoor uncovered, and outdoor covered.

What Is Portable On Demand Storage?

PODs are portable metal storage containers that are generally 16” long that are delivered to your property, and then can be stored on your property or offsite at a PODS location.

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Comparing Storage Units vs. PODS

Now, let’s break down a comparison of some of their features.


Storage units offer a variety of sizes of indoor storage units where you can contain all of your belongings in one unit no matter if it is for a small apartment or four bedroom house. With PODS you may be paying for space you don’t use, or require multiple PODS which would each have their own loading and delivery fees.


While PODS tout the convenience of being able to remain in your driveway or street, they may actually not be allowed in your area by city code, your apartment complex or your neighborhood HOAs. Always be sure to check first. You’ll also need to make sure that not only the POD will fit your driveway, but that you have room for the lift machine to deliver it safely.

While it may be enticing to have the convenience of a POD in your driveway, it’s a double edged sword in that you’ll also have a lack of convenience of the POD taking up driveway space.

In contrast, Idaho Storage Connection has six locations meaning one is just a short drive away from you. With an offsite storage unit, you’ll still have your driveway space, and won’t have to worry about the eyesore of a giant white metal storage container.


PODS are locked with a padlock only. They are subject to vandalism and theft.

At Idaho Storage Connection, each of our facilities is fully fenced, well lit, guarded with an electronic security gate that requires the users code to enter and exit, surveillance cameras, on-site managers, and a padlock on your door.

Why Choose Idaho Storage Connection for your Self-Storage Needs?

We feel confident that we offer our customers the best possible storage options for their belongings in a wide variety of sizes. So, whether you are simply looking to store a few boxes or the contents of an entire home, we have a storage unit that will work for you. We proudly welcome anyone who is looking for storage space to take a tour of our outstanding storage facilities or talk to our helpful on-site managers about the storage solutions we offer. Simply give Idaho Storage Connection a call at (208) 376-0700 or submit a contact form and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly.

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