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Can you Store A Car In A Storage Unit?

Can you Store A Car In A Storage Unit?

September 15, 2020

Taking care of your car involves keeping it safe and protected even when you're not driving it. There are many reasons someone may want to keep their vehicle outside their home for an extended period, including:

  • Leaving to serve in the military
  • Going on a mission
  • Looking to free up space on their property
  • Keeping a valuable or classic car that's not a daily driver protected
  • Taking an extended vacation
  • Working or studying abroad

Whatever the case, finding the best way to store your car is of supreme importance.

Can a Car Be Stored in a Storage Unit?

Yes! A car can absolutely be kept in a storage unit. There are a few items that you probably wouldn't want to keep in a storage unit, but storing vehicles of all types, including storing RVs and storing boats, are standard practice. You need to have the right kind of storage unit to accommodate a car, of course. Many people choose to use storage facilities for their long-term vehicle storage needs. Idaho Storage Connection has units available to provide you with everything you require to store your vehicle for as long as you need to.Car Storage Options

Before selecting a storage option, you need to be sure to measure the length and width of your vehicle. It could be frustrating to spend time picking out a unit, only to find that your car doesn't fit! Most cars will fit nicely into a 10x20 space, although smaller vehicles may fit into a slightly smaller unit, and larger vehicles may require a slightly bigger one. Once you know the size of your car, there are a few different types of storage options you'll need to consider:

Uncovered Parking Car Storage

Pretty self-explanatory. Uncovered parking will keep your vehicle safe and secure, but you may want to put a cover of some kind over it to guard against the elements.

Covered Parking Car Storage

Great for storing anything from a motorcycle to an RV to a boat. The benefit of uncovered parking is that there's a roof keeping rain and hail away from your property.

Covered Enclosed Parking Car Storage

These units are essentially garages. If you have a valuable or delicate vehicle that needs to be completely protected from the elements, this is likely your preferred option.

Why Choose Idaho Storage Connection?

Idaho Storage Connection has six convenient locations:


We pride ourselves on having well-maintained grounds with state-of-the-art security. Our staff members are friendly, helpful experts in car and property storage and will address any questions you have. Take a look at our glowing online reviews, or come see for yourself; call Idaho Storage Connection to tour our facility and learn more about which storage option is best for storing your car!

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