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How Much Does Renting A Storage Unit Cost?

How Much Does Renting A Storage Unit Cost?

August 12, 2020

A storage unit is a great place to store away boxes, furniture, appliances, and more when they aren't in use. It's a cost-effective solution to many common storage problems, but you may be curious about how much it typically costs to rent a storage unit. Here's a quick rundown of how much you can expect to pay for self-storage unit rentals.

The Price Of Renting a Storage Unit

How much you end up paying to rent a storage unit depends on a few different factors like the size of the unit you're renting, where you're renting the unit, and other things. Though you may be able to find cheap storage, the cheapest isn't always the best option! Remember, you're paying for amenities at the facility too, so make sure to take a tour of the facility before you rent to make sure everything is what you are expecting in a storage facility.

Many storage facilities offer both short- and long-term contracts, and for shorter-term rentals, you may end up paying little more each month. Talk to customer service at the facility to learn about the exact cost per month, and if the facility imposes any other fees. For example, you may need to pay one-time fees during your first month (i.e. an admin fee). You may also be charged late fees if you're late on your payment, or other fees if you get locked out of your unit.

If you plan on renting an odd-sized unit or a unit for large vehicles like boats or RVs, you can expect to pay more than if you were renting a regular-sized unit.


Things To Remember

Ask the facility you'll be renting your unit from how they handle payments. With some facilities, you need to pay in person by the date your payment is due, though some facilities now offer an online payment option as well. Choose a facility that meets your needs and is convenient for you.

Idaho Storage Connection is happy to offer a simple online payment option to make it even easier to rent a storage unit. We offer a huge variety of storage unit sizes, so our prices vary depending on the size of the unit you plan on renting. If you'd like more information on the size we offer and what you can expect to pay each month, contact us. We are proud to serve the Boise, Idaho area and help meet your storage needs.


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