What is Self-Storage?

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When you suddenly have a lot of stuff, you might not know where to put all of it. In that case, self-storage is the solution you need! Self-storage can come in handy under a lot of circumstances.

Reasons for Using Self-Storage

Settling a Loved One’s Estate
Many people rely on self-storage to hold items while preparing an estate sale.
Welcoming a New Member to a Household
Whether a new baby or a senior adult is joining your household, you can store your items temporarily to make space for the new member's belongings.
Remodeling a Home
If you are remodeling a home, it’s often helpful to store your TV, furniture and other items so you do not have to work around them or worry about them getting damaged.
Family Member Temporarily Leaving
When a family member leaves for a mission, military, college, or another reason, consider temporary storage for their belongings until they return.
Building a New House
Many people rent or live with extended family while building a new home. They simply do not have room for a whole home’s worth of belongings where they are temporarily living, so they rely on self-storage to keep their items safe.
Seasonal or Holiday Storage
Off-season or extra decorations can be conveniently stored in self-storage and swapped out as needed.
Staging a Home for Sale
You can keep your house uncluttered during an open house by putting items in storage.
Downsizing a Home
Any items that do not fit when moving to a smaller home can be stored in self-storage.
Extra Space
Self-storage can also be used as extra space for belongings that do not fit in your home.

Types of Storage Units

Outside or Drive-Up Storage Units

  • Like a garage
  • Can drive right up to it
  • Good for bigger items

Business Storage Units

  • Used for extra business inventory

Indoor or Hallway Storage Units

  • Have to walk through a building to access
  • Extra security of the added door
  • Good for small items
  • Boat and RV Storage
  • Great for recreational vehicles you don't have room for on your property

How Much Do Storage Units Cost?

  • Varies depending on size, location, and other factors
  • Can pay monthly or sign a contract for longer storage
  • Can be fees in the contract
  • Potential for late fees if not paid on time
  • Clean-up fee if the storage unit is not cleaned properly upon the end of use
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What Are Common Storage Unit Sizes?


  • Roughly the size of a closet
  • Good for items like a Christmas tree, decorations, or small dresser


  • Roughly the size of a smaller walk-in closet
  • Good for items like a king-sized mattress or large appliances


  • Roughly the size of a larger walk-in closet
  • Good for items like couches, kitchen tables, and washers/dryers


  • Roughly half the size of a one-car garage
  • Good for items like large furniture, a grand piano, or larger appliances


  • Slightly smaller than a one-car garage
  • Good for items like compact cars, most furniture, or lots of boxes

Is Self-Storage Right for You?

For more information, check out our Storage Units Resource Guide and our Self-Storage Resource Guide. Contact us for more information about pricing and to discuss your self-storage needs! Idaho Storage has locations in Boise, Nampa, and Eagle!

Storage Unit Reservation Policy

Idaho Storage Connection is committed to ensuring the ability to honor agreed-upon self storage unit reservations. As such, Idaho Storage Connection does not currently offer online reservations. However, we remain dedicated to rapidly responding to all inquiries and potential reservation requests (often within 1 hour of contact). If you're interested in storing your belongings at Idaho Storage Connection, please utilize one of our various methods to contact us (phone, email) and you can be assured we will be in touch soon.

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