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Why Store Your Boat in Nampa?

Why Store Your Boat in Nampa?

January 05, 2021

If you're planning to own a boat, it's prudent to plan where you'll keep it. That said, it's essential to select a storage facility for your boat that is accessible, secure, and spacious. Here's why you should consider a Nampa, Idaho storage facility for your boat:

Proximity to Lake Lowell

Lake Lowell is a 14.5 square miles of body of water located 5 miles Southwest of Nampa. Its location provides an ideal opportunity for residents who love water sports and fishing. Storing your boat in a Nampa storage facility that is on the way to your favorite local area for recreation offers many conveniences. We have two storage facilities, Nampa USave and Nampa Karcher, located in Nampa and are under 8 miles away from Lake Lowell's fun.

Nearby Freeway With Easy Access to Anywhere

Most of our storage facilities are located near highways, making it easier to visit or transport your boat to the lake. Both our Nampa USave and Nampa Karcher storage facilities are within a few miles of freeway exits allowing easy access to residential areas and Lake Lowell.

Cheaper Than Boise

The cost of living in Nampa is relatively lower than in Boise. According to the Idaho Press, the median price of a home in Canyon County in February 2021 was $369,000, while Ada County is $452,400. The difference is a result of the high population in Ada County that pushes the prices high. As such, the cost of using our stores takes into consideration such differences.

Proximity to Boat Dealers

Maintaining a boat involves the change of parts, repairs, or acquiring the latest model. To that end, it pays to use a facility like our Nampa Karcher storage facility located near dealers like Canyon Marine, Idaho Water Sports, and Bretz Capital Sports Sales.

Why Use a Storage Facility as Opposed to Keeping It at Home

With a storage facility, you can benefit from avoiding the hassle of keeping the water vessel on your property. They take up a lot of valuable space, and many Homeowner Associations prevent them from being kept anywhere visible from the street.

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Reasons Why Idaho Storage Connection's Facilities Are the Best

Among the top factors when selecting a facility include security and ease of access. We have therefore equipped our facilities with electronic gates, full fencing, and CCTV cameras. You can also access the storage at convenient times any day of the week throughout the year.

We have online bill payment options for quick and convenient payments.

Store Your Boat in Nampa with Idaho Storage Connection

Any boat owner would prefer a storage facility with clean grounds, a convenient location, and accessibility. The perfect storage should also be close to boat dealers, a water body, and freeways. To that end, Idaho Storage Connection fits that bill perfectly.

Contact us today for a quote or to tour our storage options and learn more.

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