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Indoor Storage vs. Outdoor Storage Solutions

Indoor Storage vs. Outdoor Storage Solutions

August 27, 2020

Your personal items are precious, and you deserve to have a reliable storage space that will keep them safe and secure. At Idaho Storage Connection, we offer a broad range of storage unit solutions to accommodate your needs, including indoor and outdoor storage solutions. Below, we discuss the differences between them.

Security of Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

When you store your property at Idaho Storage Connection, you can feel comfortable knowing your belongings (whether stored indoor or outdoor) benefit from the security of the following features at each of our facilities:

  • An electronic gate at the entry that requires a code to enter and exit
  • Full fencing surrounding each location
  • Camera surveillance at every gate
  • Alarms

With indoor storage, your items are locked safely with your padlock. While with outdoor storage, you have a layer of added safety when your vehicle doors are locked.

Exposure to Weather for Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

While our facilities do not regulate a constant temperature for indoor storage items, they are protected from the elements with a roof and four walls. That's something you might want to consider if you have essential documents and other things that moist air or sweltering temperatures might affect.

Items stored in outdoor storage are naturally more exposed to the elements. By choosing a covered outdoor storage space, you can have some relief from the sun, snow, rain, and hail.


Access to Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

You can store vehicles in our indoor or outdoor facilities. You can choose the environment that makes you more comfortable. We offer storage units for RVs, boats, cars, bikes, large furniture, and more. The outdoor units will be more convenient for you to access, however. You can drive right up to them and access them instead of having to go through other doors. That might be best for you if you have to visit frequently to move items, and time is a sensitive matter.

Number of Items Being Stored in Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

Regarding storage size and space, indoor storage options work well if you have many household or business furnishings/belongings or a single-vehicle.

Outdoor storage works great for vehicles. We can easily accommodate RVs, boats, or cars in our covered and uncovered outdoor parking storage.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Units: Recap

Indoor Storage Units

  • Benefit from security features inherent to the facility
  • Suitable for many smaller items, furniture, bikes, etc.
  • Doors offer an added level of security
  • Items are protected from the elements

Outdoor Storage Units

  • Benefit from security features inherent to the facility
  • Meant for vehicles
  • More convenient to access
  • Provide more space
  • Covered parking can help protect from the elements

Let Us Help You Decide Which Storage Option Suits Your Needs

All of our friendly agents are equipped to help answer your questions and suggest which storage solution is best for you based on your budget, storage items, and preferences.

Idaho Storage Connection has six convenient locations:

We pride ourselves on having well-maintained grounds with state-of-the-art security. Our customers come to us because they feel that we can provide them with the highest security level. We're also a leading provider of high-quality customer service. Our facilities can help you if you're an RV owner, senior citizen, or you have kids getting ready to go to college. Please take a look at our glowing online reviews, or see for yourself; call Idaho Storage Connection to tour our facility.

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