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Commercial self-storage is vastly more affordable than renting out a warehouse for your business needs, and we offer units in many different sizes to better accommodate your needs.

At Idaho Storage Connection, we understand that for businesses, having a reliable storage facility is essential. We aim to provide you with the best commercial storage solution in the Treasure Valley so your business can keep its excess items organized and easily accessible..

Businesses That Will Benefit From Commercial Storage

Hotels: Hotels often require extra storage space for seasonal decorations, excess furniture, and off-season linens. Commercial storage solutions are perfect for hotels that want to avoid investing in additional onsite space or spending money renting a warehouse.

Interior Designers: Commercial storage solutions offer interior designers an affordable way to store materials like fabric samples, decorative pieces, and furniture during the design process. With a variety of units and convenient access hours, interior designers can rest easy knowing their supplies are accessible when needed.

Retailers: Whether it’s inventory overflow or extra display items, commercial storage is great for retailers looking for more space to store merchandise without sacrificing square footage at their business location.

Small Businesses: With commercial storage options at competitive prices, small businesses can avoid taking up valuable real estate with inventory or supplies that aren't currently in use – freeing up that space for other activities that will engage customers and create the perfect ambiance.

Construction: With construction projects often requiring several months to complete, many contractors need an economical solution to store tools, equipment, and supplies while they work on the project site. Commercial storage provides the ideal solution that is easily accessible when needed.

Real Estate/Staging: With staging companies needing to move furniture quickly in and out of homes being staged, commercial storage units in Boise are a great option. It can provide them with enough space to store furnishings without renting an entire warehouse – saving time and money during the staging process!

Lawn Care & Gardening Businesses: Lawn care and gardening businesses often need to access their equipment at early hours in addition to being protected from the elements in one convenient location. Fortunately for those businesses, many commercial storage facilities have outdoor areas specifically designed for storing large items outdoors – giving business owners peace of mind knowing they can store all of their equipment in one location.

Commercial Storage | Idaho Storage Connection

How Can Commercial Self Storage Help My Business?

Idaho Storage Connection is the one-stop shop for all your storage needs. With units for both personal and commercial storage, customers can centralize their belongings in one convenient place and save precious time!

Customers can control access to their unit with their own lock and key, giving them peace of mind that no one else can enter their unit but themselves.

Our facilities also have security cameras, gate codes, and alarm systems to provide the best amenities self storage has to offer. . They are kept clean, which helps eliminate any risk of contamination or damage to stored items. Businesses can also benefit from the central location facilities; some are conveniently close to residential areas or an ideal spot in the valley.

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Our locations across the Treasure Valley have provided the local community with clean, well-maintained self-storage facilities since 1994.

Easy access to our units allows you to store your items quickly . We understand that your belongings are important to you, which is why we take such pride in maintaining a well manicured environment for them.

Plus, our team of friendly professionals will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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