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Word Honor Fund
Word Honor Fund

Idaho Storage Connection is proud to support and donate to the Word of Honor Fund.

Their Mission: Word of Honor Fund provides a continuum of support that facilitates milestone events for the surviving children of SEALs and Special Operations personnel who die while assigned to a select Naval Special Operations Group.

Our word is our bond and it is the purest form of trust. The most sacred of all is a father's promise to his children. Word of Honor Fund is committed to fulfilling the intentions of our fallen heroes by ensuring his children experience life as he had planned before his sacrifice. His untimely passing challenges his promise.

Their Pledge: Keeping the Promise

In recent years two major wars have taken a significant toll on our nation and our families. Such overwhelming loss of so many heroes has created a void in the lives of their surviving children. The cold reality for these children is they will grow up without the guidance and tutelage of their hero and mentor. The effects of such a loss are immeasurable. We need only to view memorial photos to understand how tragically these events have impacted the lives of each family left behind.

Our concern is for the children who may not experience life as their father would have wished. Perhaps promises were made or dreams shared, only to be unfulfilled. Who will honor the wishes and promises of the father now? Fatherless, these children will navigate through the toughest times of their lives. It’s impossible to fully understand the pain and confusion they will endure as they attempt to fill the void on their own. It’s imperative we remain mindful of the gap between their tragic loss and their journey to adulthood. It’s our goal and responsibility to identify the means to honor the promises or wishes of their fathers as they would have done if still alive.

Towards this goal we pledge to honor the promises made through the gracious support of our donors, the trust of the surviving families and the mentorship provided by the Special Operations community.

ronald mcdonald house boise
Ronald McDonald House Charities Boise
Ronald McDonald House Charities Boise

Idaho Storage Connection is proud to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities Boise.

At the Ronald McDonald house, our homes are filled with more than help, they’re filled with hope. Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children – a long time to be away or to divide a family. And, for children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having mom and dad close by for love and support. A Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost.

Our Houses are built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their head at night to rest. We believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the strongest medicine prescribed.

Allow Families to Face the Weight of Illness Together

Families are stronger when they are together. By staying at a Ronald McDonald House, parents can better communicate with their child’s medical team and keep up with complicated treatment plans when needed. They can also focus on the health of their child, rather than grocery shopping, cleaning or cooking meals.

Allow Children to Get the Best Care

When your child is sick, you want the best care possible – even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost.

Services for Families

At every House, families can enjoy:
Home-cooked meals
Private bedrooms
Playrooms for children

One By One Foundation
One By One Foundation

Idaho Storage Connection is proud to support the One By One Foundation.

The One By One Foundation’s mission is to bring healing to Minds, Hearts and Spirits of others through sharing our passions.  Our passions include healing Minds of impoverished and orphaned children in Ghana by providing support, education and vocational training; healing Hearts of at-risk and traumatized children through Interactive Animal Activities in Idaho; and healing Spirits through Kriya Yoga Meditation.

About the One By One Foundation: While the One By One Foundation, formerly the Hopkins Foundation, focuses on three very different and unique areas… the common passion across all our areas of support is… Healing.

The One By One Foundation was created by Josephine (Jo) and Randy Hopkins, and has been Healing others since 2007. Through their travels, business experiences, volunteer work and personal practices, Jo and Randy have discovered life passions they feel they need to share with others due to the healing benefits they have personally seen or experienced as a result of their participation.

Jo and Randy, through the One by One Foundation, and with your support, believe that with an opportunity and access to adequate education, food and clothing, we can help break the cycle of poverty in Ghana, West Africa and make these children responsible and contributing members of their villages, communities, country and the World. The One By One Foundation raises money to provide financial support, education and opportunities to those in need so they too can experience the same Mind, Heart and Spiritual healing benefits from the passions that have so deeply and beneficially impacted Jo and Randys lives. The One By One Foundation is a 501(c)(3) "public charity". Donations are tax deductible (tax Id# is 26-6178579). 100% of all outside donations have gone towards the direct support of those in need.

st judes boise
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Idaho Storage Connection is beyond proud to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital opened its doors on February 4, 1962, based on Danny's dream that "no child should die in the dawn of life." Since then, we’ve made incredible strides in childhood cancer research. We’ve helped improve the survival rate of childhood cancer from 20% to 80%. And ALL, the disease with a virtual death sentence in 1962, now has a survival rate of 94 percent.

As a young man, Danny Thomas had a simple goal: to entertain people and be successful enough at it to provide for his wife and family. But work wasn’t easy to come by. As he and his family struggled, his despair grew. He wondered if he should give up on his dreams of acting or find a steady job. He turned to St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes. “Show me my way in life,” he vowed to the saint one night in a Detroit church, “and I will build you a shrine.” That prayer to St. Jude marked a pivotal moment in his life. Soon after, he began finding work, eventually becoming one of the biggest stars of radio, film and television in his day.

And as one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Danny used his fame to fulfill his vow to St. Jude Thaddeus and to change the lives of thousands of children and families. Today, we’re a world leader in developing new, improved treatments for children with cancer, and we create more clinical trials for cancer than any other children's hospital. We freely share those breakthroughs, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children. And still today as when we opened our doors, families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all they should worry about is helping their child live. Danny Thomas passed away in 1991, but he left us with an enduring legacy and commitment to saving the lives of children everywhere. We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer.

metro meals on wheels boise
Metro Meals on Wheels
Metro Meals on Wheels

Idaho Storage Connection has always been a supporter of Meals on Wheels.

One in six seniors in America face food insecurity on a regular basis. In Idaho alone, 37,120 seniors are struggling with hunger. More than just a meal, Meals on Wheels provides a proven solution. The nutritious food is critical to the seniors, but the program is so much more. It makes the seniors feel more safe and secure, live healthier lives, enjoy a better quality of life, and remain independent.

Metro Meals on Wheels delivers and serves nearly 1,000 hot, nutritious meals each weekday throughout Ada County and over 700 frozen meals every weekend. All meals are low-sodium, low-calorie, and low-fat. They deliver daily meals to homebound seniors in Ada County and serve congregate meals in senior centers in Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, and Star, as well as Northgate Senior Village and Samaritan Village in Boise.

As seniors live longer and retirees flock to the Treasure Valley, the need for our service has increased by 100 meals a day over the past year. The number of seniors needing Meals on Wheels is only going to increase. The impact of Meals on Wheels is significant. The cost of one year for a senior to receive meals is less than one day in the hospital and equal to one week in a nursing facility.

Metro Meals on Wheels relies on hundreds of volunteers to deliver and serve nearly 1,000 hot, nutritious meals each weekday and more than 700 frozen meals each weekend throughout Ada County. Volunteer opportunities include delivering meals at lunch time and assisting with food preparation and packaging. We can work with your schedule - so if you have a free lunch hour once or twice a week, or even once a month, we would love to hear from you!

scott firefighter stairclimb boise
Scott Firefighter Stairclimb
Scott Firefighter Stairclimb

Idaho Storage Connection is always a supporter of the Firefighter Stair Climb.

The LLS Firefighter Stairclimb is the world's largest on-air stair climb competition, and annual fundraiser held at the tallest building in town, the Columbia Center. All 2,000 participants are career, volunteer, or retired  firefighters who will climb up the second tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi in full turnout gear, weighing over 60 pounds, while on-air. Throughout this grueling course, we all remember that every step forward is representative of moving closer to a cure. Although this is an extreme test of physical endurance, it pales in comparison to what blood cancer patients endure. All proceeds raised directly benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and since its inception in 1991, this event has raised over $20 million thus far.

The Boise Fire Stairclimb Team is composed of over 40 members and countless supporters who all have a very personal reason for being a part of the team. Through the years we have raised over $500,000.00 and we will continue fundraising to support the mission and vision of the LLS and those whose lives have been shaped by this disease.

BFD Captain and longtime team member, Kyle Rajsich’s little sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although he was already climbing for a personal challenge, that phone call from her is what caused the climb to take on a whole new purpose. His sister was invited to speak as the honored patient at the Stairclimb and courageously testifies to God’s grace and the successful treatment plan that led to her remission after two battles with this disease. He has seen the tragedy of blood cancers as it has affected so many lives, he has also witnessed great victories and similar stories of success due to the research and mission of the LLS.

BFD Senior Firefighter and LLS ambassador Rich “Boost” Brown started climbing in honor of his father in law and friend who were both survivors of blood cancer. Tragically it was during the preparation for the 2012 climb his dear friend Jason B Werst started his battle again and ended his fight on November 6, 2011. As horrible as this loss of a friend was, it was his catalyst to do better, to raise more money toward the hope others would not have to endure blood cancers. Boost himself has raised well over $100,000.00 individually and will continue until his body no longer allows.

idaho whitewater association boise
Idaho Whitewater Association
Idaho Whitewater Association

The Idaho Whitewater Association Inc, is a Non-profit Organization for Idaho Whitewater Enthusiasts.

The purpose of the Idaho Whitewater Association, Inc. (hereafter, IWA) shall be to promote the appreciation, understanding, and safe recreational use of the whitewater river resources within the State of Idaho among its members and the general public, and to inform the members of issues affecting whitewater rivers and their use. Idaho Storage Connection is pleased to support this great cause. In essence, the IWA is for whitewater boaters, those with a passion and experience and those that want to learn about that passion. The board of the IWA is committed to notifying and educating our members and the general public on:

  • River Access
  • Whitewater Safety Skills
  • Any issue affecting the public use of Idaho’s whitewater river resources

The IWA is committed to working with other river organizations and river agencies in a cooperative manner to enhance river recreational opportunities for non-motorized river users. As Idahoans, we are still amazed at the world class whitewater resources we have right in our backyard. We encourage all Idahoans and people from around the nation to join our non-profit organization. Please, take part in this effort to protect and promote the safe use of our whitewater resources. The IWA website and newsletter are a direct result of our commitment to getting information to our members and the general public. Information and discussions about river management issues will be closely monitored by IWA and will be reported in the newsletter. The board encourages input from IWA members regarding river issues and our handling and dissemination of information concerning Whitewater Rivers in Idaho. Our Association is only as good as the input we receive from our general membership.


Show your support of Idaho whitewater by ordering the "Idaho Wild Rivers" specialty plate for your automobile. A portion of each plate's registration money will go to funding whitewater access, education and safety programs throughout the state. Another portion will go towards the promotion of Idaho as the Whitewater State. Every county assessor's office in Idaho, as well as the Idaho Transportation Department, has application forms for the Idaho Wild Rivers plate.

special olympics boise
Special Olympics
Special Olympics

Idaho Storage Connection has sponsored the Special Olympics Idaho Summer Sports Program

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Special Olympics Idaho is a non-profit organization that provides sports training and athletic competition in 16 Olympic-type sports, year-round and free of charge to over 3,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout the state of Idaho.

Special Olympics programs, with over 3,000 volunteers, offer athletes continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skill, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. Funding comes from the generous donations of individuals, businesses and corporations, as well as from private grants and foundations. Through public awareness and volunteer recruitment, we hope to reach and serve potential athletes who are waiting for their opportunity to reveal the champion within and get off the sidelines of life. Special Olympics is founded on the belief that:

  • People with intellectual disabilities can, with proper instruction and encouragement, learn, enjoy and benefit from participation in individual and team sports, adapted as necessary to meet the needs of those with special mental and physical limitations.
  • Consistent training, including physical conditioning and nutritional education, is essential to the development of sports skills; that competition among those of equal abilities is the most appropriate means of testing these skills, measuring progress and providing incentives for personal growth.
  • Through sports training and competition, people with intellectual disabilities benefit physically, mentally, socially and spiritually; families are strengthened and the community at large, both through participation and observation, is united with people with intellectual disabilities in an environment of equality, respect and acceptance.
camp rainbow boise
Camp Rainbow Gold
Camp Rainbow Gold

Idaho Storage Connection is happy to support such a worthwhile local organization.

Camp Rainbow Gold is the youngest 30-year-old organization you’ll ever come across. Our roots were planted way back in the ’80s, which is a powerful story worth hearing (and is a bit further down this page). From there, we grew and enjoyed tremendous support by the American Cancer Society. And just a very short time ago, as our parent organization made difficult decisions, we stayed true to our mission to serve Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer. Our dedication to that one focus made it easy for us to decide to become our own independent non-profit organization.

Every day, we find ourselves making history, be it through a teen support group or through minting relationships with new families. The victories and the hardships that come through our organization add to our rich fabric, and if you ever want to hear about any of them, we encourage you to come in. We’re here. But in the meantime, you’re probably wondering how all of this got its start. Well, let us tell you:

Once there was one boy in Twin Falls, Idaho, who was told no. His request? To go to summer camp — an experience commonplace in the lives of countless children. But for one Idaho boy, the notion of campfires, art projects and silly skits with new friends wasn’t something he thought could ever materialize. As a youngster undergoing treatment for cancer, this boy couldn’t find a camp equipped to handle his medical needs in a remote location. He expressed his dismay to Twin Falls general surgeon Dr. David McClusky, and the rest is history, because as you may know, sometimes being told no becomes the start of a “Yes!” of imaginable proportions. This set in motion a small team of grant writers and big thinkers. One of the first children’s oncology camps in the country, Camp Rainbow Gold was established in the mid 1980s. The camp originated in McCall, Idaho, and is now held annually in August at Cathedral Pines in Ketchum.

Camp Rainbow Gold, including its summer programs, provides nearly hundreds of cancer survivors with an escape from the rigors of their illness. Due to the generosity of so many Idaho residents and major fundraising events orchestrated by wonderful volunteers, this unique camp is provided free of charge to campers and their families. Additionally, camp is attended by a full medical staff and a licensed social worker in an effort to ensure the children are supported both medically and emotionally. Camp staff and volunteers are highly trained and aim to provide a fun, safe and caring community for the children.

idaho foodbank boise
Idaho Food Bank Picnic In the Park
Idaho Food Bank Picnic In the Park

Idaho Storage Connection sponsored the Idaho Foodbank Picnic in the Park

The Idaho Foodbank is one of the sponsors of the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) that provides free summer meals to children ages 1-18. For children from families who are at or below poverty, the summer lunch program fills an important nutrition gap when school meals are not available. From June to August, five days a week, children in low-income neighborhoods enjoy a nourishing lunch and educational or physical activity at convenient locations such as community parks and schools.

School’s out for the summer! No more classes, homework, or tests. However, for some students, when school is out, that means no more guaranteed meals. When school is out for summer vacation, many children lose access to free and reduced meals they rely on during the school year. The Idaho Foodbank’s Picnic in the Park Program is a summer feeding program that fills this nutritional gap for the summer.

35860 Meals Served from June to August; 19 Summer Feeding Locations in the Boise-Metro area; 49 Summer Feeding Days; 976 Children Served over the Summer

The Idaho Foodbank Creed is to strive to be valued by the citizens of Idaho for our relentless, collaborative efforts to end food insecurity and hunger in our state. We leverage the efficiencies of a statewide partner network, while we maintain a focus on local community solutions. Our fact-based commitment is to serve the state, its communities, families and individuals, and to achieve and preserve nutritional health for food-insecure Idahoans. Our service model must always demonstrate the best available practices, as well as the highest level of compassion, dignity and respect for our stakeholders and for each other.

The Idaho Foodbank Mission is to help feed, educate and advocate for Idaho’s hungry through collaborative partnerships to develop efficient solutions that strengthen individuals, families and communities. The Idaho Foodbank Vision is to have a hunger-free Idaho.

assistance league of boise
Assistance League of Boise
Assistance League of Boise

Idaho Storage Connection is so proud to assist with donating to the Operation School Bell program.  This program has completed delivering $77 thousand dollars of school supplies to 95 Ada County schools which will help over 12,500 students this coming school year.

Assistance League of Boise is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is transforming lives and strengthening our community through philanthropic programs in Ada County.  Member volunteers are dedicated to ongoing support and a long-term presence in the community through hands-on involvement and innovative philanthropic programs.

The Boise chapter was organized in 1976 with about 50 members, chartered in 1980, and was the 67th chapter of National Assistance League.  Today, there are 120 Assistance League chapters in 26 states with over 22,000 members.  In 2017-18, Assistance League chapters served 1.6 million people, returned $57.9 million to local communities and invested 3.5 million service hours.

Assistance League of Boise currently has ~370 member volunteers working to make Ada County a better place to live and work through our programs.  Assistance League of Boise supports seven community based philanthropic programs benefiting everyone from infants to adults residing in Ada County.  In 2018–19, our dedicated members volunteered over 59,400 hours.  We encourage you to learn more about our chapter and the many ways you can become involved and make a difference.

The Thrift Shop on Glenwood is our main source of funding.  The shop is staffed and managed entirely by our member volunteers.  Donations are always welcome and are tax deductible. Other funding sources include corporate and private foundation grants, a Philanthropy Endowment fund at the Idaho Community Foundation, individual donations, and an annual Community Support Letter requesting monetary donations dedicated to Operation School Bell®.

MISSION: Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs.

VISION: Essential needs are met in our community and families flourish.

CORE VALUES: Accountability – Willingness to accept responsibility
 Commitment – Dedicated to a course of action
 Integrity – Doing the right thing in a reliable way
 Respect – Treating all with courtesy

idaho potato drop boise
Idaho Potato Drop
Idaho Potato Drop

Idaho Storage Connection is excited to partner with the Idaho Potato Drop and store the famous Idaho GlowTato!

The Idaho® Potato Drop began as an idea in the Fall of 2012, as natural and homegrown as the potato itself. The goal was to bring people from around the world together for an annual New Year’s Eve celebration that shares Idaho’s unique charm with the rest of the world. In December of 2013, the first Idaho® Potato Drop realized that goal. Tens of thousands of curious onlookers, party- goers and families flocked to downtown Boise to partake in the inaugural event, with millions more watching coverage on local and national media.

The Idaho® Potato Drop New Year’s Eve event is held on the grounds of the Idaho State Capitol, and is now in its sixth year. Each year, this FREE and charitable event has grown in scale, quality and reach. Privately funded by sponsors and highlighted by media coverage throughout the state and around the world through publications, news clips, articles and social media feeds.

This year’s event expands on the original vision to include multiple live music acts, street performers, Mountain American Family Tent, VIP tent, food and drink vendors, a USASA sanctioned Olympic pre-qualifier Toyota rail jam event and a newly-designed, high-tech, LED-lit Idaho® Potato dropping at midnight, culminating with a world class fireworks display. The mission is to make Idaho a world class destination for New Year's eve while promoting commerce and community. In addition to being a free event the Idaho Potato Drop promotes local charities through donations and presence on site. The 7th annual Idaho Potato Drop promises to be bigger and better! Hosted at the State Capitol and Capitol Park. There will be several activities added to the event this year, heated tents, fireworks, amazing musical talent, VIP tent and so much more. This New Year's come down and celebrate this free, charitable event!

childrens tumor foundation boise
Children's Tumor Foundation
Children's Tumor Foundation

What an incredible foundation to be involved with! They are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF).

Neurofibromatosis, or NF, is an under-recognized genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. NF occurs in one in every 3,000 people and affects millions worldwide. NF can lead to blindness, bone abnormalities, cancer, deafness, disfigurement, learning disabilities, and disabling pain. NF affects all populations regardless of ethnicity or gender. Roughly half of all cases arise in families with no history of the disorder. NF is more prevalent than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Huntington’s disease combined. NF has three distinct forms, NF1, NF2, and schwannomatosis. NF research is shedding new light on several forms of cancer, brain tumors, bone abnormalities and learning disabilities, ultimately benefiting the broader community in addition to those with NF. Progress toward ending NF is being made every day. Because of Children’s Tumor Foundation funding, there are dozens of on-going NF-specific clinical trials in existence, and 50 NF Clinics nationwide.

At the Children's Tumor Foundation, we live and breathe our core values. They are our DNA, guiding our behavior and actions as we work with each other, our partners, and the NF community. We passionately pursue and take pride in our mission to “Drive Research, Expand Knowledge, and Advance Care for the NF Community”. This passion and pride are our strength. Those living with NF and their families are our inspiration and help guide everything we do. We seek to always stay aware of and be empathetic to their many challenges. Most importantly, we always remember we do what we do for them.

At this time, there is no approved cure for NF, but a number of promising NF clinical trials are under way. As researchers continually learn more about the underlying causes of NF and what makes tumors grow, we get closer to the development of effective treatments for NF. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer FDA approved drugs for NF in the near future.

idaho rivers boise
Idaho's rivers
Idaho's rivers

Idaho Storage Connection is helping to support a community that cares about the protection of wild rivers, keeping our drinking water clean, defending at-risk populations of fish, establishing in-stream flows and minimizing the impacts of dams on Idaho's rivers.

Idaho Rivers United is a conservation organization representing all who love the freedom, adventure and solitude of Idaho's rivers. Our mission is to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho. Since our founding in 1990, IRU has become a powerful force for safeguarding Idaho's imperiled wild steelhead and salmon, protecting and enhancing stream flows and riparian areas, and defending and promoting the wild and scenic qualities of our wild rivers. Our supporters are river lovers who work together to keep Idaho's rivers healthy and flourishing for generations to come.

The mission of Idaho Rivers United is to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho. Our focus is the ecological integrity of our rivers, but the lens we look through is citizen involvement. We involve our volunteers and members in the protection of wild rivers, keeping our drinking water clean, defending at-risk populations of fish, establishing in-stream flows and minimizing the impacts of dams on Idaho's rivers. Idaho Rivers United builds river protection campaigns that effectively team up staff and volunteers.

At 100,000 miles of waterways, Idaho has a treasure trove of incredible rivers. That also means Idaho has a lot to lose. Idaho's rivers provide drinking water, recreation, hydroelectric power and crucial habitat for fish and other wildlife species. Idaho's rivers are the lifeblood of the state's cherished open spaces and wild country. For more than 27 years Idaho Rivers United has worked to take a comprehensive look at the many forces that impact rivers and fish, including dams, mining and municipal water use and has accumulated an extensive history of notable accomplishments.

paint the town boise
Paint The Town Boise
Paint The Town Boise

Idaho Storage Connection is a contributor to Paint the Town Boise, a program of NeighborWorks Boise.

For 36 years, Paint The Town™, a NeighborWorks® Boise program, has been lending a helping hand to our deserving senior and disabled neighbors, who have difficulty maintaining their homes due to physical and financial constraints. This project gives low-income, senior or disabled residents a newly painted home that enables them to remain in their homes longer and revitalizes the neighborhoods in which they live.

Their goal is to:
Help senior and disabled neighbors
Repair and refresh homes and neighborhoods
Restore neighborhood pride
Unite the community through service

89,300 Volunteers ... and Counting. As one of the longest running volunteer events in Idaho, thousands of volunteers donate their time and resources each year to fix up and paint homes for neighbors unable to do it themselves. Every June, energetic volunteers roll up their sleeves to paint the homes of deserving senior and disabled homeowners. Many teams also choose to complete additional projects for the residents, including mowing yards, laying sod, planting flowers, repairing fences, building wheel chair ramps, and repairing roofs. Paint The Town™ impacts the entire community by restoring neighborhood pride, increasing property values, and bringing community members together to improve our neighborhoods.

NeighborWorks Boise (NWB) is a non-profit organization working tirelessly to build homes, provide lending and offer services to help with homeownership. NWB was incorporated in 1982 as a private, non-profit organization. Joining over 240 non-profit housing developers across the country with similar missions in what is called the National NeighborWorks® Network, NWB serves as a catalyst to regenerate neighborhood pride and confidence and helps develop self-reliance in the people and neighborhoods it assists.

NeighborWorks Boise Mission is to lead in creating innovative housing solutions for underserved populations through strategic partnerships that contribute to building stronger communities. On Idaho Gives day, NeighborWorks Boise is asking the community to help Paint the Town™ continue for another 36 years! This program gives a helping hand to our deserving senior, veteran and disabled neighbors, who have difficulty maintaining their homes due to physical and financial constraints.

community events boise
Community Events
Community Events

Being locally owned and operated, Idaho Storage Connection takes pride in working together within the community where we live, work and play in. Whether it is a winter coat drive, a food drive, donating bikes to the Bicycle project, etc. we love to give back to the community and show our appreciation for what our community has done for us!

We are committed to sustaining local relevance and offering excellent customer service. We take pride in our Boise self-storage facility and maintain it in exceptional condition. We are Idaho Storage Connection, your local self-storage provider, with units in Boise ID and locations in Nampa and Eagle Idaho as well. Serving our client's storage needs since 1994, we’d be honored to assist you with your household, boat, recreational vehicle, trailer, and automobile storage needs. Our facilities offer affordable, secure gate access storage. We offer convenient storage payments via online bill pay, easy terms like month-to-month storage and 365 day-a-year access to your belongings. We provide various sizes of enclosed units to store your household belongings, and outside parking for your car, RV, motor home or trailer storage needs.

Rest comfortably knowing that your personal belongings are secure and safe in some of the best-maintained facilities you'll find in Southwest Idaho.  Idaho Storage Connection knows your possessions hold immense value, and we're dedicated to treating our clients and their stored possessions with the level of respect and care that reflects that understanding.

We make storing your belongings easy and hassle-free. Offering convenient, affordable and well-maintained facilities, we are a locally owned and operated Boise storage company. We are committed to sustaining excellent customer service and clean facilities. Our business revolves around customer satisfaction and we take great pride in offering clean, secure, and groomed facilities for storing your personal belongings. We are the top-rated storing solution in the state of Idaho, and invite you to check us out. You won’t be disappointed.

rocky mountain elk foundation boise
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Idaho Storage Connection supports the RMEF. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has conserved and enhanced more than 7.2 million areas of critical elk habitat. Idaho Storage Connection is excited to do our part in protecting our hunting heritage now and for future generations.

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.  Find facts, such as the number of acres of elk habitat the RMEF has conserved or enhanced, the number of RMEF members and chapters across the country, and much more. Opening and securing public access is a key component of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s mission.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was founded in 1984 by four hunters from Troy, Montana who wanted to ensure a future for North America’s grandest game animal. Since 1984, RMEF has opened, secured or improved public access to more than 1.2 million acres of elk habitat across the country for hunters, hikers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

It has more than 500 chapters across the country. Chapters host annual events, including Big Game Banquets, to raise funds for conservation projects across elk country. The RMEF permanently protects crucial elk winter and summer ranges, migration corridors, calving grounds and other vital areas, while focusing on securing and improving hunter access throughout elk country. Our land conservation tools include: acquisitions, access agreements and easements, conservation easements, land and real estate donations, land exchanges and associated acres.

Healthy habitat is essential for healthy elk and other wildlife. The RMEF helps fund and conduct a variety of projects to improve essential forage, water, cover and space components of wildlife habitat, and supports research and management efforts to help maintain productive elk herds and habitat. The RMEF works to reestablish elk herds in historic ranges where the habitat and human cultural tolerance create a high potential for self-sustaining herds.

cimba boise
CIMBA - Payette Lake Trail
CIMBA - Payette Lake Trail

Idaho Storage Connection is a sponsor of the CIMBA – Payette Lake Trail to protect, enhance and create quality trail experiences for the mountain bike community in Central Idaho.


  • Promote the sport of mountain biking and responsible riding.
  • Advocate for trail access.
  • Build and maintain sustainable trails.

The Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association (CIMBA) was created in 1997 by a small group of mountain bikers who wanted to ride together, work to improve trails, and create new riding opportunities in the area. As the popularity and value of those activities grew, so did CIMBA’s membership. CIMBA became an IMBA club and hosted several Trail Care Crew visits. The trailbuilding knowledge from those events is now evident by the improved trails in the region. CIMBA’s efforts helped create many new trails in the area including those at Bear Basin, Jug Mountain and Tamarack Resort.

In 2009, CIMBA grew its focus to include educating user groups on safe cycling practices, developing land and user codes of conduct and protecting resources with responsible usage standards, and engaging and educating our members in current policy issues relating to mountain bike and trail access. The Payette Lake Trail overall project is broken down into multiple phases and will take several years to achieve 100% buildout. Phase 1 consists of constructing four to five miles of new single-track near North Beach that will connect the existing Payette Rim Trail and the McCall town connector and by extension, the singletrack at Ponderosa State Park.

Once finished, the trail will be primarily comprised of natural, modern single-track that is accessible to all non-motorized users. Built entirely on state lands, CIMBA envisions the Payette Lake Trail having multiple entry and exit points, intermediate trail difficulty, and a modern “flowy” trail feel, making it a true public resource for mountain bikers of all abilities. This project represents a unique opportunity to build a heritage quality trail in our vibrant recreational community.

boise state public radio
NPR – Boise State Public Radio
NPR – Boise State Public Radio

Idaho Storage Connection supports Boise State Public Radio, southern and central Idaho's nonprofit, listener-supported NPR member station, reaching the region's metropolitan and rural areas.

As the only sources of quality public radio news, classical music, jazz and unique cultural programming, our radio stations are distinct in their mission, their audience and their partnerships. Mission Statement: Produce, acquire and distribute distinctive programs and services that stimulate, educate, inform, and entertain those we serve using all appropriate media. Reach out to the community through strategic partnerships. Enable listeners to learn about issues and ideas that affect our communities, our nation, and our world. Our Vision: We will build a stronger community-centered broadcasting organization by focusing the station’s new and existing resources where our listener and membership base is the strongest. Our goal is to build a more effective service emphasizing national and local programming that deepens the relationship between us and our listeners.

Station History:
Boise State Public Radio is southern and central Idaho’s connection to NPR news programming, classical music, and jazz. The station’s 18 transmitters and translators reach about one million listeners from Boise and Twin Falls to McCall and Sun Valley.
Boise State Public Radio’s journey to a robust dual-service station can be traced back to a Boise State University – then Boise Junior College – amateur radio club that began in the 1930s. By 1967, and a handful of call letters and frequencies later, the radio club had become KBSC and broadcast various programs to the campus area. In 1974, once the university changed its name to Boise State University, the radio station again changed its call letters, this time to KBSU.
Boise State Public Radio marks its inaugural year as 1977 when the station manager at the time applied to the FCC to change the station's license from being an AM broadcaster to a non-commercial FM broadcaster. Broadcasts began on 90.1 FM in the fall of 1977.
By 1986, Boise State Public Radio had begun its transition from a student-run college station into a professionally-operated public radio station. The station hired its first non-student manager and secured its first Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant. In 1988, KBSU again increased its reach by growing to 19,000 watts and becoming an NPR affiliate.
Today, Boise State Public Radio’s News and Music broadcast from 18 locations with staff headquarters in Boise. The signals can be heard in parts of eastern Oregon, most of southern and central Idaho, and northern Nevada.

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