What Items Can't Be Stored In A Storage Unit?

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Your storage unit is a convenient place to keep possessions that you are unable to keep in your home. However, there are limits to what you can and cannot keep in your unit. Here's a handy list of things that should never be kept in a storage unit.

Items To Never Store In A Storage Unit

  • Food, perishables, plants, and scented items. These items can rot or attract pests like rodents or insects, which can enter your storage unit and take up residence there. They may chew your possessions, build nests within them, and leave waste. 
  • Hazardous materials. Corrosive materials, and materials that give off toxic fumes, or are flammable (like gasoline) can cause serious damage if they're spilled or opened. Avoid storing them in any closed space, including a storage unit. 
  • Humans or animals. This one is pretty clear. Never store living things in your storage unit, even if it's only for a short period. It's against the rules of your unit, and also against the law. 
  • Irreplaceable, sentimental, or valuable items. While most storage units have safety measures in place, you aren't going to be there to keep a close eye on the possessions in your storage unit at all times. Items that mean a lot to you or are valuable can get damaged or stolen from a storage unit, even when you take the best safety precautions. It's never worth the risk.
  • You can't store firearms, ammunition, or any type of explosives in your unit. These items could potentially go off or even fall into the wrong hands.
  • Unregistered vehicles. While you can store vehicles like RVs, boats, cars, and trucks in a storage unit, they must be registered. An unregistered vehicle could be considered abandoned in some areas. 
  • Anything wet. Wet items can potentially cause mold growth. Mold will spread rapidly in your unit, as it prefers damp, warm environments. This can damage the contents of your storage unit, so make sure everything in your unit is completely dry. 
What Items Can't Be Stored In A Storage Unit?

Other Things To Consider

Specific self-storage facilities may have other rules about what can and cannot be stored in their units, so always be sure to check with the facility before storing anything questionable. Idaho Storage Connection is the premier storage facility, with several locations throughout the Boise area. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be stored in our units, contact us today. We are happy to address any concerns you may have. 

What Items Can't Be Stored In A Storage Unit?

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Idaho Storage Connection is committed to ensuring the ability to honor agreed-upon self storage unit reservations. As such, Idaho Storage Connection does not currently offer online reservations. However, we remain dedicated to rapidly responding to all inquiries and potential reservation requests (often within 1 hour of contact). If you're interested in storing your belongings at Idaho Storage Connection, please utilize one of our various methods to contact us (phone, email) and you can be assured we will be in touch soon.

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