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The Best Way to Organize Your Storage Unit

The Best Way to Organize Your Storage Unit

October 28, 2020

You're spending money to rent your storage unit, so you want to get the most out of it! Don't let your unit become a jumbled mess. Ideally, your storage unit will be an effective way to manage your life and possessions. Millions of Americans use storage units to keep all sorts of things. They store everything from winter items like coats, skis, sleds, and shovels to toys and business inventory. Why have things sit idle in your garage or office taking up space when you can have them a short drive away and enjoy the added space?

The key to making your storage unit work is organizing it well, so trips to the unit and getting what you need are simple and easy. Here are some things you can do to keep everything you need and manage your storage unit effectively.

Use Boxes that Can Stack Well in Your Storage Unit

Boxes that are the same size will make stacking them vertically much easier. It may not be realistic to store everything in your storage unit in the same type of boxes, but do what you can to sort them according to size so you can get the most out of your space. You can use different box colors and labels to differentiate what's in each box. That will help you see and grab what you need quickly. It's also a huge help when you need someone else, like a family member or an employee, to go to the unit and retrieve something for you.


Keep a Detailed List of What's Inside Your Storage Unit

You'd be surprised, but a ton of people have no idea what's in their storage. Some people even end up buying an item they already have in their storage unit, just because they forgot. The simple fact of the matter is that we remember the possessions that we use often. It's easy to forget things are that in our basements, much less a storage unit that's a short drive away. Keep a master list of everything that goes in and out of your storage unit to refer to when you need to take inventory.

Consider Using Free-standing Shelves

Depending on what you're planning on storing, you may want to purchase free-standing shelves to help organize your space and maximize vertical space. (Note that you should never attach anything, including shelves, to the walls of a storage unit.) This storage hack is excellent for:

  • Bins of Clothes or books
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Off-season Decor
  • Documents
  • Camping Gear

Not only can shelves make organizing things easier, but it also protects the items from sitting directly on the floor.

Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

How much storage unit square footage do you need? Remember, it's much easier to work with a larger unit than rent a smaller unit and realize you need a bigger one after everything's inside. Our advice is to always opt for a bit larger than you initially need because most people inevitably discover that they love having the convenience and want to move more things to their unit! Take stock of what you want to move into your unit to gauge how much space you'll need. You can also visit our Storage Sizing page to get an idea of what different size storage units can fit.

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