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What is Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

What is Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

October 15, 2020

A storage unit is beneficial for storing items when you don't have room for them in your home. If you've never rented a storage unit or you are looking to rent a different type of storage unit than you've had before, you may not realize what items and information are required to do so. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to bring with you to a storage facility to be able to rent a unit. We'll also discuss what to look for when considering the best storage facility for your needs.

Information You'll Need to Provide to Rent a Storage Unit

When you're ready to rent a storage unit, you will need the following.

A valid form of government-issued ID

A driver's license, state ID card, passport, or military ID all count as valid forms of government-issued ID. Make sure you bring at least one to prove you are who you say you are. The facility will also use this information to contact you if need be.

A contract or agreement signed with the facility

You will have to sign a contract that says you agree to established guidelines and clearly understand what is prohibited.

A secure method of payment

A storage facility is unlikely to rent to you if they don't think you will pay your rent. For peace of mind and to ensure money owed is paid, they will ask for a secure payment method.


The facility will want you to have insurance just in case anything happens to your belongings, so you are covered to replace them.

To be 18 or older

To legally rent a storage unit in Idaho, you must be age eighteen or older.

Things to Consider

When you need to rent a storage unit, you may not think about all the fees associated with it. Along with the cost of renting the unit, you will have to cover admin fees associated with renting the unit, and if you want to lock the unit, you will need to spend money to purchase a lock.

A picture of somone signing a documet | Idaho Storage Connection

General Features

Whether you are looking for RV storage, boat storage, or self-storage, you'll want to be sure you've picked the best facility for your needs. We believe it's essential to select a facility that is:

  1. Clean and well-maintained
  2. Well lit
  3. Surrounded by fencing
  4. Protected by an electronic gate with a keypad
  5. Conveniently location
  6. Open during convenient hour
  7. Payable via several options
  8. Well-liked with many positive reviews

Do You Need a Storage Unit in Idaho?

If you're looking to rent a storage unit, Idaho Storage Connection offers top-rated storage units in Boise, Eagle, and Nampa, Idaho. We have a wide variety of storage space sizes to accommodate your belongings and budget. For a quote or a tour of one of our facilities, contact us.

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