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How to Store Lawn Equipment, Grills, and Patio Furniture

How to Store Lawn Equipment, Grills, and Patio Furniture

December 07, 2020

As Summer comes to an end, our needs change. One set of things comes out of storage (skis and snowblower), and another set of things goes in (the lawnmower and grill). Fall is when it's time to get your outdoor lawn equipment ready for storage until next year. This article will teach you how to prepare your outdoor lawn equipment for safe storage during the winter. If you have more questions or are just curious, our Self-Storage Guide contains all kinds of information on using your storage unit optimally.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Storing equipment like lawnmowers, weed whackers, edgers, tillers, and more can significantly improve your equipment's life span. Safety from exposure to moisture or excessive cold is essential, and saving up all the space it can take in the garage is excellent too - You've got to park the snowblower somewhere during the winter. Your equipment needs to be prepared for storage properly to reap the benefits of off-season storage.

  • Clean all your equipment thoroughly. Not only does moldy grass smell bad trapped in the bag for a long time, but it also attracts mold and pests. Built-up grime and oil can cause damage to mechanical parts if ignored.
  • Remove all the fluids (fuel, oil, etc.) from your motor equipment. Clearing the lines and tanks is crucial because it prevents spoilage and wearing of the internal mechanisms.
  • Use our Storage Units Resource Guide to learn more about storage units, and determine what size unit will best hold all of your equipment.


The star of every barbecue night and an excuse to hang out with a beer and the setting sun, grills are a quintessential part of summer. How you treat yours during the winter directly affects how long it will grill for you.

  • Grills need to be cleaned spotless from food residue, oil, and dirt. Failing to clean a grill properly before storing it is a significant pest attractant and damaging to the grill.
  • Remove the fuel tank from the grill and keep it separately from the grill.
  • A grill cover can protect the grill from cold and humidity exposure during the winter seasons.
A photo of a grill covered in snow | Idaho Storage Connection

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is the perfect place to admire your beautiful blooming backyard and bask in the warm days of summer. However, it's less enjoyable in the blowing fall winds and freezing winter snow. Prolonging the life of your patio furniture and keeping it beautiful and fun to use requires you to store it during the winter to protect it from the elements.

  • Clean all furniture thoroughly
  • Break each piece down into its most manageable parts (I.E., collapse the umbrella and stand, remove the legs, etc.) Doing things like stacking the chairs will save valuable storage space. Please read our blog post for more storage tips.
  • Give special care to the cushions, wash and dry them thoroughly, and then store them in a watertight and air-tight container.

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