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Tips for Packing and Storing Kitchen Items

Tips for Packing and Storing Kitchen Items

December 18, 2020

storage unitMoving has never been easy; everything from scouting down a suitable house to packing. It's a stressful endeavor. We've all been there and will be again if there happens to be a life change. One tip that can help make the situation less stressful is to obtain a storage unit to store your things in advance and after the move. This allows you to move at a pace that works for your lifestyle. You can cut down on items to be moved and save on moving costs while having your extra things stored away safely.

Whether it's for short- or long-term purposes, having a storage unit can be a convenient solution.

You can find information in our blog regarding how to pack camping equipment, bedding and clothing, and more. In this article, we'll discuss helpful tips for packing and storing items from your kitchen, including fragile glasses and plates to sharp cutlery.


What Supplies Are Needed to Pack a Kitchen?

The fact that the items will be in storage requires gathering quality packing supplies. Here's a list of the things you may need:

  • Sturdy thick boxes of different sizes or plastic bins
  • Bubble wrap for cushioning fragile items
  • Packing tape to help keep the packed box securely sealed
  • Packing paper, newspapers, or unprinted tissue paper to individually wrap fragile kitchenware
  • Box dividers that work perfectly for wrapped glasses and stemware
  • Markers and labels to help keep track of your packed boxes
  • Dishtowels come in handy when packing knives. After wrapping individual blades in packing paper, bundle them together in a dishtowel tightly secured with a rubber band.

Always pack liberally wrapped fragile kitchenware in thick boxes without stacking them. Wrapped cups and glasses should be placed upside down in a divider if possible. However, when it comes to plates and bowls, you can stack them together after wrapping them in plastic or bubble wrap.

Read more about the best way to organize your storage unit.

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Choose a Suitable Storage Unit

When it comes to storing kitchen items, for either the long or short term, make sure to choose a storage facility with an excellent reputation. You'll want one that is well-maintained with good lighting, has clean grounds, is fully fenced, and offers the ability to make payments online. Of course, location and hours of operation are also important, allowing you easy access to your items. Idaho Storage Connection offers all the above advantages.

Located in Nampa, Boise, and Eagle, we ensure that all our customers have access to their storage needs. From household items to recreational vehicles to boats, Idaho Storage Connection has offered quality storage solutions for your belongings for twenty-five plus years. Contact us today, and we'll keep your things stored at an affordable price.

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