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What is the Best Way to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit?

What is the Best Way to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit?

November 16, 2020

Do you have stylish, unique pieces of furniture? You know, those high-quality, cherished family heirlooms that most of us would want to keep for future generations. What should you do if you don't have space for them? The good news is you can declutter your space and safely store the furniture in self-storage.

Which Methods will Keep Your Furniture in Perfect Condition when Stored?

These methods will work for all kinds of furniture, ensuring you do not lose both money and good memories.

Dismantle Everything

For easier packing and transportation, ensure you take apart anything with screws, nuts, and bolts. This will help with space conservation and provide items that do not break or scratch each other easily.

Once in the storage unit, bag, and store all the nuts and bolts close to their corresponding furniture.

Ensure Furniture is Spotless

Storing dirty or damp items will invite mold, which will eventually rot your items. It may also give pieces a dank, musty smell, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Clean your furniture using the correct procedure before storage to prevent this.

Wrap Furniture

Cover everything, starting from the floor to the furniture itself. For the floor, a thick plastic sheet will do the trick as it'll prevent moisture from reaching your furniture.

Drape loose sheets and blankets over the furniture as protection from dust. Please don't use a plastic sheet as it won't allow the furniture to breathe.

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Keep Furniture Raised

Use pallets, metal bars, or cinder blocks to keep furniture off the floor. It provides more protection from moisture and unfortunate occurrences like flooding.

Space Out Furniture

If you cram everything into a small unit, you'll be inviting breakage and unnecessary damage. For example, storing a couch upright instead of leaning it on its side will maintain its structure. You also will not want to keep any pieces on top of it because they will leave permanent dents.

Methodically Pack Furniture

Ensure the furniture is well packed in the moving truck and the storage unit. It will be counterproductive to pack something that got damaged during transport.

In the storage unit, follow our guide on the The Best Way to Organize Your Storage Unit. Start packing the giant pieces first and leave aisles that allow you to walk from back to front without having to contort your body in funny positions.

The smallest items should go in last, and they should be arranged such that they cannot be easily knocked over. This method will help maximize your storage unit space.

Why Use Idaho Storage Connection?

Here, we take the utmost pride in offering clean and well-maintained storage facilities for your needs. Our storage unit sizes include budget-friendly sizes and coded gates, 24/7 camera surveillance, secure them, and on-site managers to help in case of anything.

Please don't hesitate to call us for a price quote or to tour our facility and learn which size storage unit might work best for you.

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