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What is Self-Storage?

What is Self-Storage?

August 31, 2020

When you suddenly have a lot of stuff, you might not know where to put all of it. In that case, self-storage is the solution you need! Self-storage can come in handy under a lot of circumstances.

Reasons for Using Self-Storage

Settling a Loved One’s Estate Many people rely on self-storage to hold items while preparing an estate sale. Welcoming a New Member to a Household Whether a new baby or a senior adult is joining your household, you can store your items temporarily to make space for the new member's belongings. Remodeling a Home If you are remodeling a home, it’s often helpful to store your TV, furniture and other items so you do not have to work around them or worry about them getting damaged. Family Member Temporarily Leaving When a family member leaves for a mission, military, college, or another reason, consider temporary storage for their belongings until they return. Building a New House Many people rent or live with extended family while building a new home. They simply do not have room for a whole home’s worth of belongings where they are temporarily living, so they rely on self-storage to keep their items safe. Seasonal or Holiday Storage Off-season or extra decorations can be conveniently stored in self-storage and swapped out as needed. Staging a Home for Sale You can keep your house uncluttered during an open house by putting items in storage. Downsizing a Home Any items that do not fit when moving to a smaller home can be stored in self-storage. Extra Space Self-storage can also be used as extra space for belongings that do not fit in your home.

Types of Storage Units

Outside or Drive-Up Storage Units

  • Like a garage
  • Can drive right up to it
  • Good for bigger items

Business Storage Units

  • Used for extra business inventory

Indoor or Hallway Storage Units

  • Have to walk through a building to access
  • Extra security of the added door
  • Good for small items
  • Boat and RV Storage
  • Great for recreational vehicles you don't have room for on your property

Storage Units

  • Varies depending on size, location, and other factors
  • Can pay monthly or sign a contract for longer storage
  • Can be fees in the contract
  • Potential for late fees if not paid on time
  • Clean-up fee if the storage unit is not cleaned properly upon the end of use
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What Are Common Storage Unit Sizes?


  • Roughly the size of a closet
  • Good for items like a Christmas tree, decorations, or small dresser


  • Roughly the size of a smaller walk-in closet
  • Good for items like a king-sized mattress or large appliances


  • Roughly the size of a larger walk-in closet
  • Good for items like couches, kitchen tables, and washers/dryers


  • Roughly half the size of a one-car garage
  • Good for items like large furniture, a grand piano, or larger appliances


  • Slightly smaller than a one-car garage
  • Good for items like compact cars, most furniture, or lots of boxes

Is Self-Storage Right for You?

For more information, check out our Storage Units Resource Guide and our Self-Storage Resource Guide. Contact us for more information about pricing and to discuss your self-storage needs! Idaho Storage has locations in Boise, Nampa, and Eagle!

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