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Dos and Don'ts of Boat Storage

Dos and Don'ts of Boat Storage

August 18, 2020

Unfortunately, we do not all have homes right on the water with personal docks where we can leave our boats anchored year-round. So, what is the best way to store your boat when it is not in use?

Do Follow These Tips and Tricks for Storing a Boat

There are a few overall vital points to remember when planning to store your boat.

  • Considering making any necessary repairs before you store your boat. If you have been making a list all summer of repairs your boat needs, do them before storage. They could get worse if the boat sits for a while.
  • Wash your boat — especially if you use it in saltwater. You do not want your boat to sit for long periods with dust, salt, sand, and water sitting on it, which could cause corrosion.
  • Decide on the right size storage you need to store your boat. Idaho Storage Connection offers a variety of boat storage sizes depending on your needs. Our team can provide you with a breakdown of all the options, but we are suited to store the smallest apartment of materials to the largest RV or boat size on the market.

Do Consider Different Types of Boat Storage

There are a couple of boat storage options you should consider, such as:

Outside Boat Storage

Some storage facilities allow you to store your boat outside. If you have a large boat, this is going to be the best option.

Covered Boat Storage

You might want to seek a covered storage option for some smaller boats so that your boat is not left exposed to the elements while it is in storage. This might even be outside, but the difference is, there will be shelter protecting your boat from any harsh elements.

A picture of boats and RVs in storage | Idaho Storage Connection

Covered Enclosed Boat Storage

You can also opt for covered storage that is enclosed for maximum protection from the elements. This serves as a garage for your boat, encompassing it so no outside weather can affect your boat while it is stored.

Don't Forget to Winterize, Clean or Fix Your Boat Before Storing

If you have a large boat with a bathroom on board, make sure you do not leave any water in the lines that could freeze while the boat is in storage in the winter. Draining the water lines before storage will prevent freezing.

Do not leave food and trash in your boat in storage. While you do not necessarily need to clean the inside, make sure you take out all trash to prevent leaving food for vermin to nest in while your boat is in storage.

Is a Boat Storage Unit Right For You?

Reach out and contact us today regarding your boat storage options. Our team is standing by, ready to give you a tour of our storage units or talk to you about pricing.

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