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Tips for Storing Clothing, Bedding, and Soft Goods in a Storage Unit

Tips for Storing Clothing, Bedding, and Soft Goods in a Storage Unit

November 25, 2020

When space is limited in your home, you may need some extra room to stow away bulky winter clothes, heavy comforters or blankets, or your off-season wardrobe when they're not in use. Placing these kinds of items in a storage unit can be a convenient and affordable option to expand your storage space. Still, it's essential to know how to pack and store your things to protect them from natural elements such as humidity, moisture, insects, or other pests.

For long-term storage, follow these three tips to adequately pack and protect clothing and bedding in your storage unit.

Wash and Dry Your Items Before Storing to Keep Them Fresher

Before packing any clothing or bedding that's going into storage, it's essential to make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your items. Fabrics can hold onto organic materials like hair, skin cells, bacteria, sweat, or food particles. These things can produce odors or even attract certain insects that can damage your items. Ensuring all of your things are completely dry is also important because any moisture from damp clothes, sheets, or blankets can cause mold or mildew to grow on them.

To keep fabrics smelling fresh, you can also place a fabric softener sheet into each storage bin.

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Pack Your Items Properly for Storage to Maximize Space and Protect Them

Choosing the right kind of storage containers helps protect the items inside, keeps things organized, and helps maximize your storage unit space. Durable plastic totes with snap-on lids are ideal because they can keep out any moisture or pests from outside, and you can quickly and securely stack the bins on top of each other.

When packing your clothes and bedding into the bins, it's best to fold each item neatly and place heavier items like comforters or heavy jackets at the bottom of each container, with lightweight items stacked on top. Avoid over-filling each bin, and never vacuum-pack clothing or bedding that will be stored long-term — this poses the risk of permanently creasing or wrinkling fabrics. It can even trap moisture from the air inside the vacuum bags, which may lead to mildew.

Catalog and Organize Your Stored Items To Make Them Easy to Find

Besides storing all of your items in a way that will keep them protected, you should also consider how you can pack your things to keep them organized and easy to find later. Here are a few simple ways to keep your clothes and bedding organized in your storage unit:

  • Use transparent storage bins so that you can see what's inside at a glance.
  • Group similar items together in the same bin, especially if they are seasonal items.
  • Label the outside of your storage containers clearly. If you like to be more detailed, you can make an inventory list of each bin's contents and affix it to the outside. (Or, if you have transparent totes, you can place the list inside the container, with the text facing outwards.)

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